Over the last few months I've really begun moving forward in my art and what kind of stories I want behind it. There are many different forms of abstract work, and many different messages that go along with them. I have found, like with many artists, that my emotions pay a critical role in how my work comes out.

Throughout the last few months I've had to overcome many different obstacles. I have had plenty of changes in my heart and soul. With this, however, I have created one of the best personal projects to ever come from my ever growing mind.

Hidden is a photo series taken on an iPhone and edited on nothing more than an app called "Afterlight". I've enjoyed this project because - just like my mind and soul at the time the images were taken - every picture is rushed and manipulated based on my emotions. This leading to the main message of the project:

Even in the toughest, most confusing times of our lives - even when your mind is the most manipulated - there is beauty behind it.


"Hidden" will be finished, published, and open to purchase by January 2016.