Being a Renegade

What does it mean to be a Renegade? 

Being a Renegade is about embracing not just your body, but your being and your soul. It means smiling at your reflection, knowing that you've accepted it in all of it's glory. Beginning your journey into acceptance is the first step to becoming a Renegade, and that's why we began our "Capture your Confidence" event.

Capture your Confidence is about stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself forward in a new light. It's about letting yourself feel beautiful even when you may not believe you are. It's about meeting other people who share your insecurities, allowing you to open your eyes to others problems and relish on how they reflect your own being.

This is why Christine Gionet of Renegade - located in downtown London - asked me to help her bring this event to life. And this is why I said "absolutley" without a second thought: 

because beauty is found in us all, we just need help to find it sometimes.