City Life

Being in the city for a few days has brought a sort of comfort to my travels. I'm reminded of home when I walk to get coffee, and the people I bump into are full of different stories that bring a happiness that is incomparable to the happiness I feel on the trail.

Both forms of happiness are welcomed, as one reaches towards my inner adventurer and the other reaches towards my social being. It has been such an interesting few days of discovery that have involved crying, laughing, walking, drinking, and planning.

It's like I'm living two different lives right now. The life of a city explorer and the life of a hiker. It's given me a lot to think about, and in the end my journey will have shaped me in ways I could have never expected Te Araroa to.

It's almost weird being in this city, as it reminds me of two very different cities back home. Auckland is very beautiful in ways similar to London. There are trees everywhere, little side streets, busy people rushing to work, small buildings, and wonderful nature.

However, Auckland is also very similar to Toronto. Beautiful harbour, delicious cafes,  fancy business people, exotic lifestyles, expensive living, small personable parks, and a party life.

It has been a nice few days living on both sides of the spectrum but my wallet is starting to cry mercy. As much as I am falling in love with this place, it's almost time to say goodbye and continue on with the next leg of this journey - or else I'll be starving!